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BancFirst Corporation is a corporation which operates under the name BancFirst, a state chartered bank in Oklahoma, United States. It has 100 banking locations serving 53 communities throughout the state of Oklahoma, and is the largest state chartered bank in Oklahoma.

An angry customer mentioned "I've been a BancFirst customer for many years. That will end as soon as I can set up with another bank. The service has declined significantly in the past few years, and today was the last straw. 1. Had a CD that I needed to borrow against. The secured loan was not approved. Went to deposit the stimulus check the was a joint check issued to me and my wife, she is not on the account. For years we have deposited tax returns with her signing the check, then me signing the check, and then making the deposit....never been a problem..trying to do the exact same process with the covid check cost $45.00 and some change...their rational: "your wife is not on the account and the government requires this charge to prove that she received her part"...really???!!! Today I needed a small cash advance on my BancFirst credit card...a secured credit card... I have had a zero balance since June..the cash advance was explanation just "you'll need to call the number on the back of the card "....I did call the number to cancel the card...going to take 2 months to get my money back in the form of a check...much more on my mind but the bottom line is...BancFirst is Loyal to BancFirst and not to oklahoma or their customers. I would never recommend BancFirst to anyone."


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Teller (Former Employee) says

"This job is ok if you are petty and cut throat and don’t want a chance to advance . The bosses are all very petty and don’t know how to manage a company.PaycheckBeing there"

Universal Banker (Former Employee) says

"I hated working here it was the worst place the mangers treated you like you were pigs at a slaughter. I had to leave that place when an opportunity arose.NothingThe job"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"The CSO over my location was terrible. She chose favorites and only let those people have any leniency on scheduling or time off. On multiple occasions she would discipline certain employees even though the 'favored' employees were doing the same thing. I absolutely would have kept working there if she wasn't was good for the areaTerrible management"

CSR/Teller (Former Employee) says

"There is no work/life balance if you are in an entry level position. You are told your job should be your number one priority above all else. I lost two family members within a 2 week time period and was denied time off for a funeral because I was “abusing my time off” but hadn’t had any other absences. Job advancement is nearly impossible at certain locations. They do not train in new positions. You are told to utilize the company help website to train yourself, while being expected to perform the job, except there are limited resources and information. I did make some great friends with a few coworkers but that’s about the only thing I truly enjoyed about this job.40 or more hours a weekLow wages, poor morale, no room for advancement"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Bancfirst for 2 years. The worst place in the entire world to work. Very biased and as long as you kiss butt you get what you want. Just plain terrible and honestly didn't pay enough for the stress that you go through.Pay was okPoor management! No job secruity! Very biased!"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"I worked with a couple of good people at a smaller location but the branch manager/csr was a nightmare. She constantly cussed at us and belittled us and brought all of her personal drama with her. Changing branches was next to impossible so I ended up leaving. In my area it was who you knew as to how far up you'd go.Close to homeManagement"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"A couple of BancFirst branch managers were utterly incompetent in their jobs which made BancFirst an impossible place to work. The branch managers had only high school educations, while a new hire Teller had two college degrees. The branch managers demonstrated poor communication between each other and with the Tellers, causing continual confusion over simple issues. Branch managers dressed unprofessionally and violated their own dress codes. The branch managers apparently felt threatened by the more educated, competent new employee who dressed professionally and caught technical mistakes, resulting in the managers conspiring to blacklist that individual. The branch managers fabricated numerous lies to BancFirst upper management and HR regarding the employee. BancFirst promotes undereducated, incompetent individuals into branch manager positions who then blacklist more educated and competent new hires."

Teller (Current Employee) says

"The management at BancFirst does not care about their employees during this pandemic. We are the only bank that still has our lobbies open, when there is no need for it. Everything that can be done, can be done through our drive thru. This shows me they do not care about our overall well being, or that of our families during this time of crisis."

Loan Processor (Former Employee) says

"Loan officers oversaw the Loan Dept., the president and one other loan officer were very rude and degrading. They often would fix loan documents to benefit their friends or people they wanted to please. Would often look down on middle and low class people and would not approve loans based off of personal opinion instead of fair lending. Many errors that I had caught before finishing loan process (part of what my job was, to second check their work) was not corrected to the right format, therefore giving certain people better interest rates or lower payments.Weekend and holidays offA lot of cons. Just don't do it."

Teller/Universal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Unless you're well liked by the big bosses you don't have an opportunity to move up. They weren't very hispanic friendly, even though hispanics were one of our biggest clients."

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Favorites are chosen, poor communication between management and staff. My experience with this company was awful. They did not acknowledge any company achievements I acquired at main branch location."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Be very careful if you identify as LGBT. The company does not support you and will discriminate against you behind closed doors. The culture does not allow for diversity and inclusion. An older white-man’s company that does not really understand differences in people. With oklahoma having no laws that protect LGBT in the workplace, be careful working for this company!"

ATM Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A very structured place to work. Go in on time get off on time.There is some interaction with other co-workers. Since it's a bank, you get all holidays off.Got off on time everyday.Some co-workers were snobby"

Teller l (Former Employee) says

"Usually when your in a branch you have 8 employees with 4 computers in the front and 2 in the drive Thur. We only had 4 in the whole branch so we always got slammed and when we asked our manager to pick up slack she never did. If an employee can't make it or goes home sick that's where the manager should come in and handle those duties and she never did or wanted too. An employee was even fired for having to leave early and be out for a death in her family . I wouldn't recommend this company for anyone that has a family or even a cat. They are sales driven and insensitive to any problems besides there own. Bancfirst is by far the slowest company to advance you in the history of banks. People that work hard are overlooked because the branch manager will take credit for what you do.Free lunches, pot lucks, training with good lunchesHigh healthcare, rude customers"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"branch was ready slow learned how to be more patient mangement was horrible work place was decent coin counting and getting stuck on the machine greeting your regular customers and new"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"I’ve worked with this company for quite some time. In my first couple of years I was hopeful. But I soon learned that promotions happen based on seniority, not qualifications. Management tends to talk down to employees and belittle the people with the smaller paychecks. Upper management doesn’t listen if you complain about it, making them just as bad. No matter how hard you work, it probably won’t be good enough. If you can get past all that.... great benefits!Great benefits, steady work environment, terrific hoursManagement, communication issues"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was opening and maintaining various types of new checking accounts, savings accounts, CD and IRA accounts and ordering checks and assisting customers into their Safety Deposit Boxes."

Teller (Current Employee) says

"My coworkers make the job miserable. Full of attitude and its all about how long you've been there. Gossip gossip gossip.There is no barrier between management and employees. They told me there is a lot of room for advancement but I am not seeing it. Overall, I am very unhappy.hour lunch paid holidayspay, incentive, coworkers"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"The staff that I worked with was pleasant and I enjoyed doing my job but the pay was horrible and there is no room for advancement."

Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President (Former Employee) says

"You never know where you stand. Outside of that, it was a positive growing experience. Family benefits are close to $1,000 a month. Individual are competitive, but make sure you factor this into your base salary."

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